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dont end up with bloody fingers/hands, and Im not spilling menstrual fluid all over the place. Though a tinker coupon menstrual cup might look like a pretty large device to be inserting, there are a variety of folds you can use to make insertion easier. How would you like the chance to WIN a lena cup? . With discount codes from CouponOkay, no matter where you are and how you shop, you will always receive amazing savings and discounts on your favorite items. You can even do this while youre in the shower if you like! Cannot feel it once it has been positioned correctly. The stem is also flat and not hollow, so it is also really easy to clean with nowhere for menstrual fluid to get trapped. I dont know how theyve done it, but Ive never needed to take anything to these holes to clean them out. When your cup has opened and made a good seal, a gentle tug on the stem wont be able to move the cup down. In doing this you should be able to create a mental note about how much was collected over twelve hours to give yourself a good indication of how long you can leave your cup in without experiencing leaks. All opinions are my own.

Coupon code meluna
coupon code meluna

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Then I had it in the right spot, but it was staying flat on one side. The small cup holds up to 25ml and the large cup holds up to 30ml. It had been a few years since Id used a cup, so the lena cup was going to take a little bit of getting used. The second fold is the 7 fold. Just scroll down to the giveaway and get your entries in for a chance to win. Why not consider introducing your daughter to rumps when the time comes? To check this you will take one finger and run it along the outside of the cup. For starters, I can go way longer without fussing with my menstrual cup than I could with pads or tampons. How did the lena cup work for me?

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