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one main idea: prepping for next patch. With proper use of skill and organization, you can take on guilds that have more people, better gear, and even multiple allied guilds. What types asus x756ux sconto of activities do you guys enjoy the most? Researching K-tera, linking guides, theory crafting optimization, and, of course, applying it all shows how dedicated our members are every day. We make sure to achieve this by having our officers on VoIP with priority speaker, giving our members exact directions in the paths that are most advantageous to win.

Aside from myself as the GM, I have multiple officers whom I trust completely to help manage the guild. Keep up the good work! With all the immense interest in the guild, it would be too hard to go through every single application. We have taken the past two months to adjust to having all the new players in one guild after the merge. Albert esk republika g, orion esk republika g, kaufland esk republika. It is nice to see our members enjoy spending time with their guildies, in and outside of tera.