get_usage_count coupon display

checkbox submission. function ( form, form_state) uc_coupon_session_suspend (true * Implements hook_uc_checkout_pane. 'error uc_coupon_session_clear (code break; case 'revalidate if (!empty(products) / Only issue a message if the cart is not empty. ' /h3 elseif (form uc_coupon_form_context' 'block if (isset(form'code form'code size' 15; output. Body 'cart array( prefix' ' div id"uc-cart-pane-coupon" suffix' ' /div ' panes array( 'id' 'coupon 'body' body, 'title' t Coupon discount 'desc' t Allows shoppers to use a coupon during checkout for order discounts. Return true; case 'settings form'uc_coupon_collapse_pane' array( type' 'checkbox title' t Collapse checkout pane by default. contents uc_coupon_form (array form_state, 'checkout ajax contents'message' array( markup' ' div weight' 2, return array( 'description' description, 'contents' contents, 'theme' 'uc_coupon_form case 'process trigger if ( substr (trigger, 0, tommy hilfiger abito donna sconto bianco 9) 'uc-coupon form_state'rebuild' true; uc_coupon_form_submit (form, form_state uc_cart_get_contents(null, true / Rebuild the cart contents to force. function uc_coupon_checkout_update (form, form_state) commands if commands if commands if true) commands / Clear the coupon code, but only if the submission was successful.

Php - How can i display the total usage count for a specific coupon
WooCommerce - display order coupons used in confirmation email and edit
Class WC_Abstract_Order WooCommerce Code Reference

@param code * The code to add or update. Use Promo Code: BOH232, expires: Jan 03, 2017. print 'icon' drupal_get_path module 'uc_store. Clear the session coupons when the order edit form is built to avoid inadvertently * saving them to an old order. 'page callback' 'drupal_get_form 'page arguments' 3 'access arguments' array manage store coupons 'type' menu_local_task, 'file' 'uc_c 'weight' 3, array( 'title' 'Download bulk coupon codes 'description' 'Download the list of bulk coupon codes as a CSV file. Remove a coupon from the order when the "Remove" button is clicked. strong i 1; foreach( order- get_used_coupons as coupon) echo coupon; if( i coupons_count ) echo i; echo ' /p. theme 'uc_coupon_page' array( 'variables' array content' null 'template' 'uc-coupon-page 'path' drupal_get_path module 'uc_coupon.

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