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Andrew McCarthy, @AndrewTMcCarthy, Norie Quintos, @noriecicerone, Robert Reid @reidontravel, Contributing Editors Heather Greenwood Davis @greenwooddavis, Maryellen Kennedy Duckett, Katie Knorovsky @travkatiek, Margaret Loftus Contributing Photographers Aaron Huey, Catherine Karnow, Jim Richardson, Susan Seubert Production Manufacturing Senior. Subscriptions Published six times a year. Video: svga video card supporting 16 bit color. Crocodiles are large semi-aquatic reptiles. Editorial Projects Director, andrew Nelson @andrewnelson, senior Editor, amy Alipio @amytravels. During the 1970s in Australia, saltwater crocodiles were almost hunted to extinction. Knell Submissions Submission of photographs, articles, or other materials is done at the risk of the sender; Traveler cannot accept liability for loss or damage. National Geographic Society President and CEO Gary. National Geographic Travel Digital, senior Director, andrea Leitch @andrealeitch.

Making the crocodile the ultimate survivor. Knell Board of Trustees Chairman Jean. Research Editor, alexandra. Manager, christine Blau @Chris_Blau, producer, marie McGrory @MarieMcG23, editor/Producer, gulnaz Khan, associate Editor/Producer.

Costa concordia: Voices of Disaster). Boyle Director, International Magazine Publishing Ariel Deiaco-Lohr Editorial Office 1145 17th. Saltwater crocodiles in Australia are the largest crocodiles. Petri @writewayaround, copy Editors, preeti Aroon, Cindy Leitner, Mary Beth Oelkers-Keegan. These prehistoric creatures are apex predators meaning they are at the top of the food chain. To subscribe online, visit. They are among the oldest reptiles; with fossils dating back 65 million years when dinosaurs lived. Being such large creatures crocodiles really are an important part of the ecosystem, so protecting them is crucial. Schlosser Director Gregory Storer Advertising Production Director Kristin Semeniuk Imaging Technician Andrew Jaecks Communications Vice President Heather Wyatt ; Director of Communications Meg Calnan ; Market Research Manager Tracy Hamilton Stone Advertising Publisher Vice President, Global Media Kimberly Connaghan Vice President, Digital John Campbell Advertising. Despite the dirty, murky water, these wounds rarely become infected. Safford Vice President, Retail Sales John MacKethan Circulation Director Mark Viola Director, Marketing Events Pandora Todd ; Senior Vice President, International Media Yulia.

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